Thursday, January 26, 2012


wow! so, i was invited to a wine and cheeser at a friends gorgeous house on the mountain...

never been to her house before - zing!

had the following foods i have NEVER had before:

pickled peppers
goat cheese (actually the peppers were stuffed with the goat cheese! delish)
guacamole (yes, you read it right, i have never had guac)
freeze dried green beans (actually make a good snack-i would eat them again)

so the adventure continues...


Saturday, January 21, 2012

fried pickles? why not.

okay, so just randomly came across an addition to 50@50.

i had a taste for a milkshake, so we hopped in the car and went down laurens road, with the plan being to hit the chick-fil-a drivethrough and get a shake. but, lo and behold, they were closed . . . FOR RENOVATIONS!! no shake for me.

but, wait...right up the road is a zaxby's and they have shakes. so off we went. and what have they added to the menu but FRIED PICKLES. and i just happen to be on a pickle kick lately.

so i ordered some and . . . surprise . . . they are yummy! with or without the ranch dressing.

so chalk up another for 5o@50 . . . fried pickles.

can't wait to see what's next . . . i surprise myself!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my first post for 50@50


this is my blog for 50@50! what is 50@50, you ask! well, let me tell you.

i turned 50 years old on december 19, 2011. and during the weeks and days leading up to that date, i became more and more excited (considering the alternative) and energized. and i thought of all the things i've done, haven't done, regretted and embraced. and i thought, hey, i'm going to be FIF-TAY!!! (thank you sallie o'malley, aka the talented molly shannon from SNL)

then i thought (two thoughts in a row), what can i do to make it a special year. and that's when i came up with 50@50. in the next year, i am going to try to do 50 things that i have never done before.

BIG things, little THINGS, anything that i've never done before.

so far i have:
  • worn a long sleeve t-shirt under a short sleeve t-shirt (hey, don't judge)
  • eaten a scallop (i'm not a big seafood eater - and that scallop didn't change my mind)
  • had an amp energy drink (didn't get amped)
  • attempted to make bread pudding (epic FAIL)
  • learned there are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon, not 2 (hmph)
  • had khurma (a snack from Trinidad - thanx to tabby me

here are some things i DEFINITELY want to get done this year:

  • visit washington dc (i'm gonna do it!!!)
  • go snowboarding (thanx to fred david)
  • run a half-marathon (yes, run)
  • do a sprint triathlong
  • do a mud run
  • eat some more yucky food (like mussels or oysters or something)

but that's still a long way from FIF-TAY! here are some of my friends suggestions:

  • whitewater rafting (possible)
  • visit a moonshine distiller (???)
  • karaoke (in front of people???)
  • bungee jumping (i don't think so)
  • read the decline and fall of the roman empire (another i don't think so)
  • snow skiing (possible, after snowboarding)
  • go to a dave matthews concert or skillrex concert (what's a skillrex??)

so, if you are reading this blog, please feel free to throw out some suggestions. no international travel unless you are funding it :-).

and i'll keep trying stuff and keeping track of it right here. thanx for participating and being a part of this epic moment in my life. xoxo.