Monday, April 9, 2012

episcopalians...the NICE catholics

okay, so my grandson (yes, i'm a grandmother) was baptized on saturday, april 7, 2012.

although his mom was raised roman catholic, she became disillusioned with the church when he was a baby and she wanted to get him baptised. she and his father were not married. the priest gave her what-for about it, her parents divorce, and just pretty much berated her, us, her family and anyone else he could throw in.

fast forward (too fast) to 2012. she's met a nice guy and they plan to be married. nice guy is episcopalian. the episcopalian church baptised my grandson!!

me and my boo (you know him) attended, of course, along with his auntie (who is also his godmother), his dad, nice guy and nice guy's mom. nice guy's dad had to work. :-(

the baptism was part of the evening easter saturday service. it was a lovely service at st. peter's episcopal church on hudson road in greenville, sc. but what was even MORE impressive was the kindness and niceness of the parishioners and the deacon and priest. they seemed genuinely...NICE. they introduced themselves, they smiled, they asked about us, they included us in conversation.

the service was very similar to a roman catholic service, but the atmosphere seemed much more inclusive than exclusionary, which is how i've felt when visiting catholic church lately.

so, another exciting addition to the list of 50@50. attending an episcopalian church service. liking it was the bonus!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

she's jucing....

stand aside jose canseco...

no, wait, not that kinda juicing . . . but veggie juicing.

i have never been a big veggie person. as a matter of fact, i am now ashamed to say, there were YEARS where i'm pretty sure i drank hardly any water and ate hardly any vegetables that were green.

i can eat a baked potato allllll day. and corn, of course. but greens, salads, broccoli. BROCCOLI?? blech!

now, fast forward and here i am at 50!! FIFTY!!! and i am loving it. and loving all the new experiences.

today . . . i had my first natural vegetable juice, thanx to garner's cafe on pelham road in greenville south carolina.

i had the red sunset: carrots, apple, beet and something other green stuff. and it actually wasn't as bad as i thought. my honey had the go-go green. it had kale and cucumbers and he added an apple and there was some other stuff. it was disgusting. i don't care what he says...

so there you have it . . . another new experience. although, i think this one will be a keeper.

more to come...