Saturday, January 21, 2012

fried pickles? why not.

okay, so just randomly came across an addition to 50@50.

i had a taste for a milkshake, so we hopped in the car and went down laurens road, with the plan being to hit the chick-fil-a drivethrough and get a shake. but, lo and behold, they were closed . . . FOR RENOVATIONS!! no shake for me.

but, wait...right up the road is a zaxby's and they have shakes. so off we went. and what have they added to the menu but FRIED PICKLES. and i just happen to be on a pickle kick lately.

so i ordered some and . . . surprise . . . they are yummy! with or without the ranch dressing.

so chalk up another for 5o@50 . . . fried pickles.

can't wait to see what's next . . . i surprise myself!

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