Friday, February 10, 2012

the heat is on...

...i feel the need . . . for . . . speed! but, first, i have to train. apparently i have some kinda 80s soundtrack stuck in my head. bryan adams? maverick? goose? YEA!

well, this is it . . . the double whammy for my 50@50. i will be training for the sprint triathlon at hilton head, south carolina being held may 19th, 2012.

the double whammy is i've never been to hilton head, and never done a triathlon. so two more for my 50@50.

i could cheat and say i've never trained for a triathlon but that would kinda be cheating so...

we had our kickoff last night at the hughes main library here in greenville, south carolina and met two amazing little girls and their families. they both have survived their fight with cancer, but not without a struggle. lots of pain, fear, but even more courage and i felt really good about doing what i was doing. cancer survival for children diagnosed with the type of leukemia these young ladies endured used to be around 20%. now, it's around EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT. thanx to the success in research and the money raised by organizations like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. which means when we help, we're a part of that.

so, off we go. dont' forget to check my other blog for team in training to see what i'm up to (or falling down at) and MEET MY MASCOT for this adventure. and DON'T FORGET TO DONATE!! i thank you and i thank you and i thank you. YOU know who you are. talk to you soon. mwah!

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