Saturday, July 21, 2012

a vacation of new...

so, here i am in kissimmee, florida. unfortunately, i have been here before, when i was about 11 years old. in my effort to amuse you, i will admit that the last time i visited florida, epcot center was just a gleam in walt disney's eye. my mom and i took an airplane ride that showed us all the acres of land where epcot was GOING to be, some time in the not-so distant future.

but, fast forward to 2012 and i'm 50 years old, spending a few days with old friends in kissimmee. and getting here was a story in itself. so i thought i would use this opportunity to add to the list as i'm severely behind in finding 50 things to do before midnight of december 19, 2012.

i can add one thing off the top . . . i visited savannah, albeit very briefly. i had never been.

next up . . . driving the wrong way on i-95. and it was all sanctioned by local law enforcement. on the drive down, we encountered not one but TWO accident scenes where the interstate was actually closed to traffic. the first one, we were able to continue on in a southerly direction. but the second actually required us to make a u-turn on the interstate and drive the wrong way on i-95 back to the closest off-ramp (on-ramp?). did you know that the reflectors on the interstate show red when you are going the wrong way? i HOPE you didn't. so there's another thing to add to the list.

incidentally, while i'm blogging this trip, i am drinking a mai tai. yes, that's right, a real grown-up drink. never had it before. luckily, i ate before this, because as you know, i'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking alcohol. i ate chinese. i had a crab rangoon and a wonton, two things i'd never had before.

i could add that i was in a car that ran over a possum. that's never happened before, but i didn't really DO anything and didn't have control over the situation so, i guess that doesn't count. but it was interesting.

so, there you have it. i actually have another day of vacation so who knows what might crop up. i will let you know...

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